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Certificate in Health Analytics

Our Certificate in Health Analytics is designed to prepare students for careers in the state-of-the-art analysis of health data. Health analytics is an interdisciplinary research field focused on identifying and improving analysis techniques used on data collected from various areas of healthcare delivery, operations, and research. Examples include data from electronic health records, administrative claims from public and private insurers, vital records, surveys and data from wearable health technologies (for example FitBit). Students learn to use rigorous statistical methods and computation tools, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of data sources, and gain hands-on experience in data analytics.

Sample Course Sequence

Students have a choice of one of the courses listed under "Spring Term."
Health Analytics Curriculum (12 Months)
TermCourse TitleCredit HoursCourse Type
Fall Introduction to Biostatistics with Stata Lab4Required
SpringHealth Data for Research (SAS) 3Elective
SpringArtificial Intelligence in Medicine3Elective
SummerData Management in Healthcare (SQL)3Required
(number of credits in parenthesis)

Fall Term

Spring Term

Summer Term