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Certificate in Health Policy and Economics

Our Certificate in Health Policy and Economics is designed to train students to identify the most effective ways to organize, manage, finance and deliver high-quality healthcare. The program provides a strong foundation in economic concepts and current policy issues pertaining to healthcare. Understanding how current incentives influence the cost and quality of care in the US healthcare system is essential to keep up with the changing healthcare landscape and to provide the best care possible to patients. Students learn to develop and evaluate policies and programs under the guidance of nationally renowned experts.

Sample Course Sequence

Health Policy and Economics Curriculum (12 Months)
TermCourse TitleCredit HoursCourse Type
Fall Foundations of Health Policy and Economics3Required
SpringHealthcare in the US - Policy Making and Political Strategy3Required
SummerIncentives in the US Healthcare System3Required
(number of credits in parenthesis)

Fall Term

Spring Term

Summer Term