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Job Offer Negotiation

You got a job offer?! Congratulations! You start to wonder if you need to negotiate or/and how to negotiate. These is no simple answer for that, but there are several great resources to help you!

If you need individual assistance to strategize your job negotiation, schedule a career counseling session now!


  • Indeed Salary Search – Search salaries based on over 500 million points of data
  • Payscale’s Salary Negotiation Guide
  • - The “Salary Wizard” option offers a benchmark for salary information by zip code and industry
  • – You need to move to a different city or state? This site provides relocation guide including salary calculator to compare a salary in different cities.
  • – In addition to company reviews and interview questions, you can find salaries by job title or company
  • – Research salaries from over 4 million of salary data for various types of jobs and industries
  • Chronicle Data – Going to work for higher education? Check this site to learn more about salaries of staff, faculty and others from the Chronicle of Higher Education.


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