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Become a Capstone Partner

The Master of Science program in Healthcare Policy & Research provides specialized training in Biostatistics & Data Science, Health Informatics, and Health Policy & Economics. From these tracks, students bring a comprehensive understanding of both the qualitative and quantitative methods that can be used to improve the healthcare environment. Alumni have gone on to become researchers and policy analysts in the healthcare industry, federal and state health departments, research institutes, academia, and consulting. Through working on a year-long capstone project, students practice their learned skill sets in a professional setting and are prepared to work in a rapidly changing healthcare sector. The capstone project promotes student development such as:

• Context Awareness
• Integrative Management
• Industry Skills  

Projects can be domain-specific or interdisciplinary in scope. Students will be supervised by a dedicated team of faculty and staff at Weill Cornell to ensure project outcomes, deliverables, and enhance the learning experience. Project types include (but not limited to):

• Research: students conduct extensive research to provide a technical report or white paper;
• Analytics: students analyze information to offer a detailed strategy;
• Technical: students develop usable tools. 

Sponsoring a Capstone Project would entail the following phases:

Phase 1: Holding preliminary meetings with a proposed student team in the first month to refine the scope and goals of an 11-month project. The project’s milestones should be established by the end of the first term.

Phase 2: Coordinating regularly scheduled meetings with the student team over the next 7 months (2 academic terms) to provide updates and any feedback on progress.

Phase 3: Reviewing the final deliverable upon completion, which is typically comprised of a comprehensive report and a formal presentation of the students’ findings and final recommendations.

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