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Comparative Effectiveness & Outcomes Research

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This division pursues comparative effectiveness and outcomes research related to medications, medical devices, procedures and healthcare delivery interventions. Faculty and staff in the division have advanced training in health services research, pharmacoepidemiology, and decision science methods. The division team works collaboratively with clinical researchers who have expertise in a variety of medical and surgical specialties. 

Examples of areas of faculty research include comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of preventing, diagnosing and treating chronic and acute infectious diseases; cardiovascular medical device safety monitoring and evidence synthesis; evaluation of total joint replacement outcomes using registry and administrative data; pharmacoepidemiology and comparative effectiveness of diabetes medications; and comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of treatments for substance use disorder. 

Affiliated Programs

Patient Centered Comparative Outcomes Research

The program initiates, conducts and collaborates on outcomes research and quality of care research within the interventional medicine and device context. The program utilizes the hospital and network for these studies in order to generate new knowledge about medical technologies and clinical strategies and to improve the quality and efficiency of care. The program has access to a number of datasets such as Medicare, New York State comprehensive discharge data, SEER-Medicare data for various cancer interventions, National Surgical Quality Improvement Program data as well as international registry data for various interventional procedures. Currently, there are six clinical departments actively engaged in research with over 100 manuscripts published in the last 5 years.

  • Department of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery program
  • Department of Vascular Surgery program
  • Department of Urology program
  • Department of Colon and Rectal Surgery program
  • Department of Neurosurgery program
  • Department of Radiology

Separately, the program has worked with outside collaborators on interventional outcomes research with outside collaborators which has resulted in over 55 publications in the past five years.

For selected device specific publications, please visit the MDEpiNet Claims Based Research Initiative page.


Collaborating with Manufacturers: In the past two years we have also established productive partnerships with both J&J and Medtronic Inc. There is on-going discussion with ‘Titan Spine’ and ‘ABIOMED’ to establish collaborations.

Other collaborating partners interested in devicesThe Center for Advanced Digestive Care at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Centeris one of the nation's leading multidisciplinary centers for the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases. The Center’s mission is to provide optimal patient care for all aspects of digestive disease in one convenient and comprehensive environment. The Center is very interested in supporting and advancing the outcomes research.

The Minimally Invasive New Technologies Program (MINT) is an innovative collaboration between New York-Presbyterian Hospital and the Weill Cornell Medical College. Through the MINT program, clinicians and engineers develop technologies that advance minimally invasive surgery at New York-Presbyterian and beyond. The center requires support for outcomes research and understanding the regulatory and payer environment for devices in the USA and internationally.

Current Research Highlights

Trends in Foster Care Entry Among Children Removed From Their Homes Because of Parental Drug Use, 2000 to 2017

July 19, 2019

Study in JAMA Pediatrics notes the steady rise in foster care cases due to parental drug use and how it coincides with increasing trends in opioid use and overdose deaths. Read more here

Scientific Breakthroughs

Long-term active surveillance of implantable medical devices: an analysis of factors determining whether current registries are adequate to expose safety and efficacy problems

July 8, 2019

Study in BMJ Surgery, Intervention, & Health Technologies reviews the capacity of implantable medical device registries' surveillance and supporting infrastructure to conduct analyses to identify safety problems. Read more here

Scientific Breakthroughs

New Study Shows the Substantial Value of Preventing HIV Infection in the United States

August 6, 2018

A study led by Dr. Bruce Schackman, published in Medical Care, finds a savings of $229,800 to $338,400 for each high-risk person prevented from contracting HIV.

Scientific Breakthroughs

Population Health Sciences 402 E. 67th St. New York, NY 10065 Phone: (646) 962-8078

Faculty & Staff

Brandon Aden , M.D., MPH
  • Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine
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Headshot of Suvekshya Aryal
Suvekshya Aryal , MPH
  • Research Data Specialist
Czarina Behrends, Ph.D., MPH
Czarina Behrends , Ph.D., MPH
  • Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences
(646) 962-9464
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Photo of Amanda Chen
Amanda Chen , M.S.
  • ORISE Fellow
(646) 962-7645
Photo of Sarah Gutkind
Sarah Gutkind , MSPH
  • Research Coordinator
(646) 962-9412
Photo of Ali Jalali
Ali Jalali , Ph.D.
  • Postdoctoral Associate in Population Health Sciences
(646) 962-4149
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Philip Jeng, MS
Philip Jeng , M.S.
  • Research Manager
(646) 962-9308
Shashi Kapadia
Shashi Kapadia , M.D., M.S.
  • Instructor
(646) 962-8747
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Nadia Kim
  • FDA ORISE Fellow
(646) 962-8022
Photo of Jared Leff
Jared Leff , MS
  • Senior Research Manager
(646) 962-9306
Headshot of Stephanie (Dongze) Li
Stephanie (Dongze) Li , M.S.
  • Research Data Analyst
(646) 962-2944
Photo of Alex Liebskind
Alexander Liebeskind
  • ORISE Fellow
(310) 968-7354
 Jialin Mao, M.A., Ph.D.
Jialin Mao , M.D., M.S.
  • Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences
(646) 962-8030
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Angelica Meinhofer
Angelica Meinhofer , Ph.D.
  • Instructor in Population Health Sciences
(646) 962-6337
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Sean Murphy, MA, Ph.D.
Sean Murphy , Ph.D.
  • Associate Professor of Research in Population Health Sciences
(646) 962-9710
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Alvin Mushlin, M.D., ScM
Alvin Mushlin , M.D., Sc.M.
  • Professor of Population Health Sciences
  • Professor of Medicine
(646) 962-9301
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Headshot of Molly Olson
Molly Olson , M.S.
  • Research Data Analyst
Photo of Erica Onuoha
Erica Onuoha
  • Senior Research Assistant
(646) 962-9439
Photo of Michelle Papp
Michelle Papp
  • Assistant Research Coordinator
(646) 962-9423
Joseph Petrone
  • Assistant Research Coordinator
Photo of Danielle Ryan
Danielle Ryan
  • Research Coordinator
(646) 962-8509
Photo of Bruce Schackman
Bruce Schackman , Ph.D., MBA
  • Executive Vice Chair
  • Saul P. Steinberg Distinguished Professor of Population Health Sciences
  • Director of the Center for Health Economics of Treatment Interventions for Substance Use Disorder
(646) 962-9302
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Photo of Art Sedrakyan
Art Sedrakyan , M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D.
  • Professor of Population Health Sciences
  • Professor of Population Health Sciences in Cardiothoracic Surgery
(646) 962-8072
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Photo of Laura Starbird
Laura Starbird , Ph.D., RN
  • Postdoctoral Associate
Photo of Joseph Thompson
Joseph Thompson
  • Research Coordinator
(646) 962-9419
Photo of Xinyan Zheng
Xinyan Zheng
  • Research Data Analyst

Recent Faculty Publications

E. Szigethy; S.M. Murphy; O.G. Ehrlich; N.M. Engel-Nitz; C.A. Heller; K. Henrichsen; R. Lawton; P. Meadows; J.I. Allen
Contact Information

Joshua Henninger
Grants Manager 
Phone: (646) 962-9307 
Fax: (646) 962-0105

Mailing Address

Comparative Effectiveness and Outcomes Research
Population Health Sciences
Weill Cornell Medical College
425 E. 61st St., Suite 301
New York, NY 10065 

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