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Big Data

Data collection and analysis remains central to our research, with the primary focus of informing healthcare policy and learning health systems. Access to existing and new data sets enables our faculty and students to uncover new healthcare patterns to improve patient care and health outcomes.

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Data Core

The Weill Cornell Data Storage Service is a state-of-the-art computing environment for research conducted at the college. The service is intended primarily for faculty and their collaborators, including student projects or instruction.  Data Core is designed to facilitate and streamline research and analysis by providing:

  • Secure and customizable access to data in accordance with restrictions from data use agreements, IRB protocols and other relevant constraints.
  • Shared workspaces for research team members to ensure all researchers (including non-Weill Cornell collaborators) are working with the most up-to-date information and common reference data.
  • Source data in read-only format to prevent overwriting.
  • Software applications enabled for research and analytics. 
  • Checks for questionable or duplicative data management methods (such as local and remote data storage and computing).
  • Simplified research data management.
  • Eligibility for metadata management capabilities as they are developed.

WCM Data Core

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