At the WCM Institute of AI for Digital Health, we develop data mining and machine learning approaches to advance individualized health and healthcare approaches.

Our research areas include:  

  • Health Data Science
    • Predictive modeling of clinical risks
    • Disease subtyping
    • Computational drug discovery and design
    • Knowledge graph
  • Machine Learning and AI
    • Multi-modal learning
    • Meta-learning and transfer learning
    • Model interpretability and explainability
    • Federated learning
    • Model fairness

Partnerships and Collaborations

Current partnerships include:



C. Su; Y. Hou; M. Zhou; S. Rajendran; J.R.M.A. Maasch; Z. Abedi; H. Zhang; Z. Bai; A. Cuturrufo; W. Guo; F.F. Chaudhry; G. Ghahramani; J. Tang; F. Cheng; Y. Li; R. Zhang; S.T. DeKosky; J. Bian; F. Wang
H. Zhang; C. Zang; Z. Xu; Y. Zhang; J. Xu; J. Bian; D. Morozyuk; D. Khullar; Y. Zhang; A.S. Nordvig; E.J. Schenck; E.A. Shenkman; R.L. Rothman; J.P. Block; K. Lyman; M.G. Weiner; T.W. Carton; F. Wang; R. Kaushal
J.K. Varma; C. Zang; T.W. Carton; J.P. Block; D.J. Khullar; Y. Zhang; M.G. Weiner; R.L. Rothman; E.J. Schenck; Z. Xu; K. Lyman; J. Bian; J. Xu; E.A. Shenkman; C. Maughan; L. Castro-Baucom; L.Oâ Brien; F. Wang; R. Kaushal
P. Adekkanattu; L.V. Rasmussen; J.A. Pacheco; J. Kabariti; D.J. Stone; Y. Yu; G. Jiang; Y. Luo; P.S. Brandt; Z. Xu; V. Vekaria; J. Xu; F. Wang; N.C. Benda; Y. Peng; P. Goyal; F.S. Ahmad; J. Pathak

Population Health Sciences 402 E. 67th St. New York, NY 10065 Phone: (646) 962-8001