Operations research advice for Covid-19 vaccination planners: think bigger, move faster

The development of multiple COVID-19 vaccines already approved for use is an incredible accomplishment for the scientific community. Now, ensuring each vaccine dose is efficiently administered to the global population is just as important. In a new opinion piece published in STAT, Dr. Nathaniel Hupert, associate professor of population health sciences, and colleagues note key factors in optimizing distribution and ending the pandemic. A national vaccination strategy that prioritizes both coverage and speed with a variety of vaccine centers across communities will efficiently help minimize the spread of the virus. Where possible, all vaccine doses available each day should be administered at the largest sites feasible. Although the researchers determined that larger sites generally achieve vaccination goals faster, efforts in communities with historically underserved and medically vulnerable populations may need to be smaller, targeted, or even mobile. Still, no matter which method used, giving out more shots per day per site will minimize the number of unused doses each day and help the U.S. and world protect itself from COVID-19 and new potential mutations.

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