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Pratik Mistry

Pratik Mistry has always been interested in technology and using it to help other people. This fascination led him to pursue an undergraduate education in biomedical engineering and eventually enroll in the Department of Population Health Sciences’ Master of Science in Healthcare Policy and Research. Now, Pratik is set to complete the biostatistics and data science track as part of the class of 2021.

When initially exploring graduate programs, Weill Cornell Medicine became Pratik’s clear choice for expanding his analytic abilities while remaining in the healthcare domain. The program’s proximity to leading academic medical institutions and one of the country’s largest pharmaceutical hubs offers endless opportunities. Students are able to engage with industry leaders, create close professional relationships with a diverse faculty, and train in state-of-the-art statistical and data science approaches. 

“Cornell seemed like a great fit because I was able to stay in New York City, and it provided me with the opportunity to interact with the brilliant faculty and students attending Cornell,” Pratik said.

Although shifting to virtual lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic was a new challenge for faculty, staff, and students, Pratik has had a very positive experience in the program. One notable characteristic is the practicality of the curriculum while working with different datasets.

“It allows me to make the connections between the theoretical and the practical, so I become a more well-rounded student who is ready for work,” Pratik said.

With only a few months until commencement, the New Jersey native is looking forward to a career as a data analyst or data scientist within the healthcare field. More specifically, he hopes to work on projects that will have an eventual impact on healthcare delivery or disease prevention.