Practices of Depression Care in Home Health Care: Home Health Clinician Perspectives.

TitlePractices of Depression Care in Home Health Care: Home Health Clinician Perspectives.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBao Y, Eggman AA, Richardson JE, Sheeran TF, Bruce ML
JournalPsychiatr Serv
Date Published2015 Dec 01
KeywordsAttitude of Health Personnel, Depressive Disorder, Home Care Agencies, Home Care Services, Humans, Interviews as Topic, Nurses, Community Health

OBJECTIVE: The study assessed gaps between published best practices and real-world practices of treating depression in home health care (HHC) and barriers to closing gaps.

METHODS: The qualitative study used semistructured interviews with nurses and administrators (N=20) from five HHC agencies in five states. Audio-recorded interviews were transcribed and analyzed by a multidisciplinary team using grounded theory method to identify themes.

RESULTS: Routine HHC nursing overlapped with all functional areas of depression care. However, gaps were noted between best and real-world practices. Gaps were associated with perceived scope of practice by HHC nurses, knowledge gaps and low self-efficacy in depression treatment, stigma attached to depression, poor quality of antidepressant management in primary care, and poor communication between HHC and primary care clinicians.

CONCLUSIONS: Strategies to close gaps between typical and best practices include enhancing HHC clinicians' knowledge and self-efficacy with depression treatment and improving the quality of antidepressant management and communication with primary care.

Alternate JournalPsychiatr Serv
PubMed ID26423098
PubMed Central IDPMC4666762
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