Healthcare Costs of Post-Prostate Biopsy Sepsis.

TitleHealthcare Costs of Post-Prostate Biopsy Sepsis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGross MD, Alshak MN, Shoag JE, Laviana AA, Gorin MA, Sedrakyan A, Hu JC
Date Published2019 Jun 21

Sepsis following transrectal prostate biopsy occurs in 2%-5% of cases and the risk is increasing. We performed a comprehensive literature search for the cost of post-prostate biopsy sepsis to define the potential cost savings of reducing infectious complications. Reporting of cost is varied and presents a challenge to interpretation. Length of hospitalization ranged from 1.1 to 14 days and the percent admitted to an ICU ranged from 1.1% to 25%. The estimated cost of sepsis post-prostate biopsy, adjusted for inflation, ranged from $8,672 to $19,100. Healthcare costs of treating post-biopsy infection are substantial. Our findings should guide payers and policymakers, especially in value-based care models.

Alternate JournalUrology
PubMed ID31229516
Comparative Effectiveness & Outcomes Research
Faculty Publication