Leveraging Cornell’s Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership Program for Career Advancement

At the Cornell Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program, we believe that collaboration is key for the future of healthcare. This dual degree program delivers both an MBA and an MS in an NYC-based weekend format for mid-senior level professionals looking to take the next step in their careers. The only industry-immersive dual degree of its kind in the Ivy League, the EMBA/MS program brings together a diverse group of healthcare professionals from across the healthcare ecosystem in a collaborative educational environment. 

The program’s unique dual-degree format is designed to provide a business breadth with a healthcare depth, providing students with the necessary business skills and advanced healthcare knowledge to further their careers as leaders in the industry within 22 months. Students in the program become members of both a business school and a medical college, earning an MBA from the SC Johnson Graduate School of Management and an MS from the Department of Population Health Sciences at the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

The curriculum delivers a holistic understanding of the healthcare industry for a wide range of professionals, including clinicians and non-clinicians alike. Alumna Natasha VanWright (’19), vice president of care management at Belong Health, expressed that the MBA curriculum “offered opportunities to engage in rigorous business courses while the MS in Healthcare Leadership provided a framework to explore challenges that are unique to the healthcare industry.” The combination of business and healthcare courses addresses challenges facing the industry and prepares students with the skills and tools to be effective decision-makers in a changing field.

Padma Ayodhimani (’19), associate director of product management at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, found that the combined dual degree was crucial for her development as a leader in the healthcare field. “To be an effective problem solver it wasn’t enough just to get an MBA. I was looking for a deep-dive into the healthcare system to understand the complexity from multiple perspectives: provider, pharma, patient, etc.,” she said. Padma was able to take courses from business and healthcare faculty that provided multiple industry perspectives. 

Students and alumni of the program have the unique advantage of accessing the networks of two of Cornell’s top-ranked schools. For Trishul Patel (’20), associate director of commercial programs at Foundation Medicine, the MS degree provided “exposure to Weill Cornell Medicine faculty… and plenty of networking opportunities focused on digital health, all without losing focus on the core MBA from Johnson and its associated key electives.” The resources, programming, and alumni networks of both schools were crucial for Trishul as a leader in healthcare technology.

As the industry continues to change, the Cornell Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program is committed to supporting healthcare professionals as they lead with understanding and purpose. Nick Gavin (’19), a physician leader, felt that “the program was unique in that it brought together leaders from both the health system and medical college as well as the business school.” As the vice chair of clinical operations & associate professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, he appreciates how the “interdisciplinary nature of the program lends itself to shaping leaders who will consider all perspectives.” 

Interested prospective students can learn more about the benefits of the program by attending one of our upcoming events with faculty, staff, alumni, and current students.

The Cornell Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership Program is a dual-degree program created by two powerhouses in graduate education—the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management and the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences— delivering both an MBA and an MS in Healthcare Leadership in an NYC-based weekend format. Learn more about the program here.

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