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Student Spotlights

Photo of Weill Cornell Medicine entrance on York Avenue
Pratik Mistry
Biostatistics and Data Science

Pratik Mistry has always been interested in technology and using it to help other people. This fascination led him to pursue an undergraduate education in biomedical engineering and eventually enroll in the MS in Healthcare Policy and Research.

Alison Davis Photo
Alison Davis
Health Informatics

Influenced by her mother’s work as a nurse and inspired by the incredible care her father received after his prostate cancer diagnosis, Alison Davis hopes to improve healthcare technology and systems to optimize patient care.

Photo of Sophia D'Angelo
Sophia D'Angelo
Health Policy and Economics

Sophia D’Angelo’s experiences working in a community health center and an emergency department inspired her to pursue a career to address healthcare inequities and alleviate the growing burden of chronic diseases. 

John Michael Meddar
Health Informatics

As technology grows increasingly ubiquitous in developing nations, researchers like John Michael Meddar are finding novel solutions to expand healthcare access.

Amy Kim
Health Informatics

Amy Kim Combines Weill Cornell Medicine graduate education and professional experience to fight COVID-19 on the front lines

Hongzhe Zhang
Biostatistics and Data Science

After completing his Master of Science in Biostatistics and Data Science at Weill Cornell Medicine, Hongzhe Zhang wants a job where he can “rub my chin and think.”

Chiomah Ezeomah
Biostatistics and Data Science

Chiomah Ezeomah already knows she wants a career in clinical research. She also knows that Weill Cornell Medicine can take her there. 

Photo of Soham Sinha
Soham Sinha
Health Policy and Economics

Soham Sinha has always wanted to become a health economist. It was his particular interest in applied research in health economics that prompted him to pursue a second master’s degree: “I was looking for a school that offered both health policy and economics – Weill Cornell Medicine had just that.”

Sara Jumabhoy
Health Policy and Economics

Sara Jumabhoy is a is a true product of the Cornell education system. A graduate of Cornell University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences, Sara first learned about Weill Cornell’s Master of Science program on the Ithaca campus. 

Shuqi Wang
Health Policy and Economics

Shuqi Wang’s upbringing is what led her to enroll in the Master of Science in Health Policy and Economics program within the Department of Population Health Sciences at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Saier Zeng
Health Informatics

Saier Zeng wanted to establish her career at the intersection of business and technology. Upon completing her graduate studies in health informatics at Weill Cornell Medicine, she did just that.

Hyunkyung Yun and Jungran Lee
Health Policy and Economics

First-year students Hyunkyung Yun and Jungran Lee offer unique new perspectives as employees of South Korea’s National Health Insurance Service (NHIS), which entered into a memorandum of understanding with Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) to provide advanced education and training to the NHIS and their staff through WCM’s education programs.

Victoria Jimenez
Health Informatics

"I think when you make information systems and manage data in a way that's intuitive to people in practice, you end up with results that are more useful and more accessible."

Yonaka Harris
Health Informatics

“There are a lot of patients out there who are receiving treatment that doesn’t work and it can take an emotional toll on them. I don’t only want to be a part of the healthcare system. I want to impact it.”

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